02 November 2008

Crafter's crack and birthday dinner

The birthday dinner for the boys was nice. The Steak N' Shake was really neat......kind of like a low key Johnny Rockets...which was one of their favorite places to eat in Birmingham. Billy got his fill of french fries, then decided to fill up on my fries and shake (even though he had his own little shake). I got a turkey club, Jr got a bacon cheeseburger and cheese fries, and Clark got the double Steakburger platter. The food was good and no one minded that Billy stood in the booth the whole time. :) I got some SB stuff done before we headed out yesterday...Clark accused me of running a crafter's crack den from my office. :) I was filling little bottles with vintage French and Belgian sequins.....28 different colors. He asked if I had any dime bags as well. Smart ass. I'll show him....I do have some other vintage sequins and such to put in little bags. I make have to mark my price sign at SB....Crafter's Crack $3.00/bottle. :) I finished up all the "cotton candies" last night....I made 35 sets of six (but I will let the ladies pick which six they want...not unlike the tiny candy jars they can fill with loose vintage beads). I've got some cool German sandwich/pastry bags for the candies. I bought them years ago (when we were stationed in Augsburg) I thought they'd come in handy at bake sales. I've still got tons....I've used them for multitudes of goody bags and for tag kit bags. They are just plain white, but I like them. My to do list is dwindling......I love that. I've hit my groove and I am having fun with it all now. It turns out that my bed is almost as long as my table will be.....so I did a run through on my bed the other day. I'll do another one when the boys are in school this week. I've just got jewelry and textile/fun things to price (and a few more Xmas things...I had to stop and make more tags). I'm working on little kits to sell.....they are in vintage chocolate boxes from England. I know what I'm going to do for my ATCs for class and have an idea of what sweet treat I'm going to make.....I had to dig out my felt. I've got to assemble goodies for my swap particpants and I figured out what to give my teachers. A lot of the gals are making art for them....I'm going with what I know best...supplies. I got the neatest Xmas goody boxes from Martha's Xmas line at Michaels...it has four compartments in the box....nifty. I can stuff all sorts of fun things in there...woohoo. Don't worry I don't just have SB on the brain...I started some neat, little crafting kits for the store.....there will only be ten of those.....I only had ten of one thing I wanted to use....limited edition. :) I've got a Cinderella kit that is photographed....I just need to figure out shipping cost and find a box to ship it in. Well. back to the grindstone....see how much I can get done before "The Amazing Race".


  1. Hi Wanda! I can't wait to see all the vintage goodies you have in store for us at SB! I'm especially intrigued with the vintage sequins. I need more crack myself!!! See you soon...
    Another baby bella...
    michele :)

  2. hi,
    sounds like you have been busy, busy with crafts and such.wanted to stop by and say "hi". hope you have a lovely week.