20 November 2008

Oh, woo hoo.....

my two boxes with the rejects arrived today. I told the Fedex guy to leave them on the porch. I told him I doubt anyone here would want any of what was in there......there are no artsy-craftsy people in this neighborhood. :) I need to go out and open them up...blah. So I was inspired by Ms. Inspire Co herself to get off my ass and start cleaning up my studio/office. You can almost walk in here....of course, you could always walk in here.....at your own risk. It's looking much better. I still need to unload the two boxes though....ugh. On a really happy note...Lili sent me a box...happy day. :) It was just what I needed...full of European goodies....yummy...mine, all mine. Until the boys get home....then I'm screwed. I need to start another load of laundry for our trip on Saturday.....I cannot believe how quickly this week has flown....it still feels like I just got off the airplane. If you live in the MD/DC/VA area....maybe Wendy and I can see you guys....let me know. We leave on Saturday, arrive on Sunday and have until next Saturday. There is a really cool looking shop in Bethesda that I'd really like to try to hit. I just need to talk Winnie into it. :)

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