27 November 2008

Happy Gobble, Gobble Day from Churchville, MD

I know you are wondering where in the hell is Churchville?? It's between Baltimore and Deleware....in the sticks. :) The only shopping I've done since getting here is for food...which I really don't mind. I did manage to help my sister reorganize her closet....I've sent her two big rubbermaid boxes full of crafting stuff in the last few years...oy. She's cut off. We went to Greensburg, PA yesterday...my Father's hometown. We went by his childhood home and saw how diffferent things look. :( The house seemed so much bigger when we were little...it doesn't help that most of the big trees have been cut down. We got to stop in at the Hostess Bakery Thrift shop...our Grandfather used to take us there to get a treat.....so now my Dad got to take his grandkids. Clark, Wendy, and I were like mad people rushing through there....we got three bags worth....for 8 people tp share...hey, I've got a thirteen year old and a 36 year old. :) We stopped in to see our Aunt and one cousin...we got roast beast and smushed potatoes. Dr. Donnie (our beloved little brother) is coming up from VA this morning. It should be fun. ...we are nuts when we all get together.....our husbands start to wonder why they married us. I hope your Gobble, Gobble Day is a grand one. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. Happy Thankgsiving to you, too! I noticed in The Parade in Sunday's paper that it listed "Etsy" as a good web site for crafters! I was impressed. I can't believe that there are 100,000 people signed up for Etsy. That's amazing. Well, we're off to visit Kenny's parents in Jemison. Take care. Susan