07 November 2008

She lives and loves UPS

We just got back form the UPS store here on post...I am so glad they have one in the PX. The PX is a short ride form the house....woohoo. I was bad and used their "pack and ship" thing...they packed my boxes.....I just couldn't...my eyes are just so tired. Clark get off early today and he helped me bring it all in. It almost looked like I raided some old relative's house....see if you can imagine my table now. :) I got the last display piece in the mail today and did a quick run-through on the bed...no picture..no time. There are still things to price, but I'll do those Thursday night at the hotel. It involves price tags, safety pins and a brain....I figured I shouldn't hurt myself. i have to take my crafter's crack on the plane with me...on the ride over I realized some of the sequins had settled (a little too much and I'd look like a cheap bitch trying to sell bottles that aren't full)....so back home with me they are.....woohoo, shoving tiny ass sequins into tiny ass jars....my weekend is going to rock! I picked out what jewelry I'm going to bring and that will come on the plane as well....I was lucky I had the brain power to pick out pieces. I've got 10 ATCs (actually 12...making one for Wendy and one for myself), one swap project, six teacher/hostess boxes, 7 swap boxes for my participants, sign for my swap, assorted price tags to put on containers of like items and I think that is it....well, gathering and packling clothes and supplies. Clark was a sweetheart and helped me last night....he stamped 125 bags on both sides with my new stamp and painted stripes on six lids and six round containers for me. The stripes on the boxes were perfect...it was that little extra something that I was lacking. I like how my table looks....happy, happy, happy. We get to go to Opelika tomorrow.....spending/vending cash for SB....the bank is 30 miles away....that is okay....there are two thrift shops and an antique mall on the way. Who knows....maybe I can talk Clark into stopping by...I might find something else for SB or the shop.....that would kick ass. Well, the boys will be home soon and I need a break. Have a great weekend and all you Sb procrastinators....I hear your call and I'll respond later. :)


  1. Happy Birthday to your monkey!

    I hope you are feeling better now.

    And there better be some crafter's crack still on your table by the time I reach it!

  2. Pack and Ship?! You didn't recycle an existing box! For shame. I still have "our" box! LOL