09 November 2008

Good weekend

I got to go to two thrift stores, one antique mall, and an estate sale this weekend....woohoo. I didn't find much at either thrift store, but I did find some treasures at the antique place. I found some things at the estate sale today as well. Vintage stationery....Xmas themed. I scooped up the whole bunch.....I hope the guy behind me didn't want any. :) I got a package from my parents.....coupons and other fun things. I've started gathering supplies in one place....I had to get two things today.....black staz-on stamp pad and a potato. I finally got copies of the two new Stampington magazines...Winter Artful Blogger and Where Women Create....B&N didn't have either the other day and wasn't planning on getting WWC in at all. Thank you, Michael's. Let's see what else have I done that I can bore you to tears with.....I got about half the crack bottles fixed. :) Don't worry, Alisa....I'll save you some crack....it might not be the color you want...just teasing...I'll hold a whole set of 28 under the table until you get to me. Oh, I bought some treats to share in my classes today at the commissary......every year CONUS commissaries get international foods in for Xmas time.....so those of us that are homesick for a country we've lived in can get our fix. I'm bringing some European cookies and gummi candies. Well, I need to go work on dinner and SB projects. Just a few more days......so excited.

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  1. Glad you're feeling better and are so excited and inspired!