17 November 2008

I want to thank the queen of glitter

Teresa Mcfayden totally rocks. Thank you for putting on such an amazing event. I had the most amazing time. I cannot even put into words what it was like right now. I'm still star struck, paint covered (it is not coming out of my nails and I don't care), dog tired, but still so excited. The teachers, the women I got to meet, the ART (not crafts) we got to make (and still need to finish) ....still blows my mind. I am not ashamed to admit I creid in the shower yesterday, because I was so sad it was over. I needed that break in the worst way and never knew it. I'm so brain dead right now...I'll try to write more later and I'll get Clark to take pics of my stuff. I even won two things (I shared with my sister). How totally friggin cool is that?? :)


  1. Hi Wanda, It was so great to meet you and your sister, in Charlotte's little house class. Thanks so much for sharing your 'bling' with me! I'm still star'struck' from my first Silver Bella experience, and can't wait for next year! When I come down from my creative high, I will be posting photos on my blog...

  2. I am so happy to hear you had a great time! Looking forward to the pics!

  3. so, so happy to have gotten to meet you in person Wanda! glad you had a lot of fun! xox natalea

  4. So glad we had some artful fun at Silver Bella!
    Magic and Joy!