05 November 2008

I hate being sick

I actually had to call Clark at work yesterday and ask him to come home.....I had thrown up four times by that point. I slept most of the day...I never sleep that much. I was so dehydrated this morning that I think my kidneys hated me. I've been sucking down a glass of water an hour all morning. I need to drink this hour's glass. My lower back area no longer hurts, but I'm still feeling a tad yucky. Clark called me "Typhoid Mary" yesterday afternoon when I stole a bite of his brownie....I got the last laugh....dumbass is sick today. :) I was making such good progress on SB and now I've lost more time. Argh. I'm hoping to get a little done today after I get Billy to school. It's mostly pricing and attaching said price tags to items. My head just hurts and I know that will make it hurt even more. Oh well....off to drink more water....woohoo. Happy Birthday, to my Jr...today is his birthday...13...he's a teenager....blah. He was supposed to stay little forever.

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