12 November 2008

I leave for Silver Bella tomorrow....

in the wee hours of the morning. :) I've been busting my butt all day trying to get everything together...oy. I did get distracted and decided to create some art....I made some more ATCs. They just need a little extra touch, but I can't find my friggin glue gun. My happy place is a huge mess.....not looking forward to cleaning up this dump when I return. :) I got my swap done....big sigh of relief....the first one ended up as a run through....in other words, I bit it big time. The second one is much nicer. Thank goodness.....the foul language that was coming out of this room was not pretty....ask my sister....we were on the phone at the time. I'm almost done packing....the suitcase I dug out is broken though.....I'll wait and let Clark help me dig out the other one. :) I got my Moo cards in the mail today...I'll try and remember to save a set to show you....they are packed already. Well, dinner needs to cooked. I shut my store down for a little bit...until after the 1st of December. We are going out of town for Thanksgiving, so I thought I'd take a little break. I hope you all have a great weekend....I cannot wait. Excited and nervous.....but the glitter is going to fly and we will all probably be drunk when it does. :)

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  1. Have fun and hope you sell lots!!