31 December 2008

Buzy Bee

I've been listing items for the shop the last few days. I listed 19 today so far. Some are leftovers from Silver Bella and others are new vintage items. Lots of fun things to create with.....vintage playing cards, honeycomb bells and balls, vintage book covers and more. I've decided to list the vintage childrens' books individually instead of in groups. I listed my last three little blue French books. I've got more vintage textbooks to list. I've got vintage jewelry to list and a vintage prom gown (I know...couldn't find one to save my life before SB and I find one now). According to my list of pictures....I've got 59 more items to list, so if there isn't something that floats your boat now...just wait. :) If there was anything from Silver Bella that you wanted to get and didn't...let me know and I'll see what I can do. My parents took the boys to the hotel for a little bit (the reason I could get 19 things listed), but they'll be back for dinner. We are having bratwurst mit sauerkraut und brotchen. :) Tomorrow, we'll be having hot dogs, sauerkraut and black-eyed peas....tradition. :) I hope you enjoy your New Year's Eve and I'd like to wish you the best in 2009!

30 December 2008

I owe you pictures of a few things

Here is the bag I made in my Prada Schmada class. If you go over to Charlotte's blog (House Wren Studio) you can see the back of the bag.
This is the little house I made in Charlotte's other class.....I had her two classes in a row. :)

Here are the tiny PS bags I made for teachers and bus ladies (aide and driver).
Well, the boys came home yesterday. I can't stop squishing Billy. I'm glad they are home. Let's see what did I do before they got home....I worked on my charms for the Romancing the Charm swap. I really like the direction they are going in.....I've got to finish one element to them and attach both pieces to a jump ring and they will be complete. I've just got to come up with some cute packaging. Clark and I hit the PX....I swear everyplace here in Fort Benning/Columbus ha sbeen picked over by the vultures.....who needs all that crap?? Even if I needed anything, there wasn't anything to get. It was the same everywhere we went this weekend. Crazy shit. I guess since it was clearance...everyone thought they needed it. I wonder how much of that stuff will end up in the landfills and thrift stores. I updated the shop with a few things......I'm spacing them out. :) I've got loads of books, but I need to get the info off of them for the descriptions. My brother offered to send me his old digital camera....that will be cool. I can learn to take my own pictures, so when Clark isn't around I can do it myself. Woohoo...happy day....it was the sweetest gesture. I love my little brother. Don't worry, Winnie, you will always be my favorite sibling. :) I have no clue what is in store for today....totally up to my parents. :)

29 December 2008

Little Houses

These are the little houses I made for Clark's soldiers.

Clark's camera battery died before he could take a picture of the bags....he took a butt load of pictures for the shop for me last night. :) The boys are coming home tonight....woohoo...I missed them. The house is really quiet without them. Let's see....Saturday....we vegged until around 1-1:30 pm and I just couldn't take it anymore, so we got ready and went out and about. We hit the local mall for the first (and last) time....I'm just not much of a mall person. We did get some pretzel sticks from Auntie Anne. We went to Michael's next....see what was left after the vultures had been through.....that is how badly picked over it was.....at least in Birmingham there was still a decent selection of clearance items a week after the holdiay....not here....it was pretty wiped out before Christmas. Oy. They are supposed to have a 70% clearance event this week...on what??? Barnes & Noble was next on the list.....Clark got a DVD set ofa show with a Mom with a mouth like mine....actually, she makes me look like an angel. :) I got many a clearance calendar....60%...I love my B&N membership card....10% off is better than nothing. I get my $25 worth every year. :) Clark decided to take me out to dinner, so we went to Red Lobster. There was a little girl there with a tulle confection of a skirt on....pink and black...too cute. I had the Atlantic Salmon-wood grilled....it was really good. Clark had some kind of pasta with crab in it. Not a bad day. Yesterday.....more vegging, a trip to the commissary, shop picture taking, more vegging. I'm glad the boys will be back tonight.....I'm not a big vegetable. :) I didn't get much accomplished on the cleaning up front, but it was nice weekend.

27 December 2008

My children left me

My parents took them to Florida yesterday and they should be at the Magic Kingdom right now. :) I do wish I could see Billy's reaction. They promised to take lots of pictures. Jr has already been to one of the Disney theme parks...he's been to EuroDisney twice. :) Happy memories (except where the Frenchman made me cry when he said my big ass pregnant self couldn't go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride....ridiculous.....they let me on the Peter Pan ride where the damn bar wouldn't fit over my belly, but I couldn't go on this one due to a tiny ass bump..bah.) SO Clark and I decided to head into Opelika and hit the thrift stores and antique/flea mall. I found a few things at the thrift stores, but hit the jackpot at the a/f mall. :) I got some really great new stuff for the store. Happy day. We ate at a Waffle House afterwards and then came home and watched "Law and Order", "Wife Swap" and "Super Nanny" re-runs. No grand plans for today....play it by ear. I hope you got some great bargains in your after-Xmas shopping. Please, I know you all went out and about.....us crafty gals are also cheap bitches. :)

24 December 2008

Ho, ho, ho...whatever

Woohoo...Christmas is almost upon us. I just cannot get excited this year. We joined the masses on Monday to do last minute Chirstmas shopping...what a friggin joy...let me tell you. :) High point of the day was eating at Chick-Fil-A. :) We went to the commissary for groceries after all that shopping...I was pooped. Yesterday, wasn't as busy....I got to hit one thrift shop with my Dad. I found three things.....our thrift shops suck. :( My Mom made stir-fried noodles...the high point. Yes, food is usually the high point. That was lunch. Jr and my parents went to the movies last night...."The Tale of Despereaux". I had read it to him in Birmingham. They enjoyed it. Clark, Billy and I stayed home and had fruit loops (Billy) and some kind of sausage, red beans & rice, and frnech bread for us. It was actually really good for canned beans & rice. :) I had hoped to go out and about with my Dad again today....but it wasn't meant to be....he just dragged my Mom out to the surplus stores. I've been baking pies...two pecan and two pumpkin. We'll be having spiral sliced ham tomorrow. Food...it is always about food with me. :) I don't eat much, but I love food. I still need to wrap presents. I just can't seem to get motivated this week. :) I hope you all have a wonderful, snow-filled Christmas. Enjoy your food!

22 December 2008


My parents arrived yesterday. We went over to their hotel for a little bit and then headed out for dinner. Wendy...I know where to take you if you ever visit. The Hong Kong Buffet in Columbus. It was excellent.....great selection of food and the price wasn't bad (I peeked at the bill....thanks, Pops). I was so proud of Jr....he tried everything from lychee fruit to french-fried frog legs (thanks to his Dad). He didn't mind the squid or crab...loved the lychee fruit and went back for more. Billy was very well behaved...granted he got multiple trips to see the water feature/fish. I was a disappointment to my folks.....I just cannot stuff myself silly....at least not to their standards. :) Another reason why they love Clark more than me. Billy got brain freeze due to the ice cream....too funny....best face ever. I don't know what everyone has planned for today.....I know we need to hit the commissary (supplies are getting really low) and there is more Xmas shopping to do. My Dad and I are hoping to slip away and hit some thrift stores. I know...like I need more merchandise....what I really need is to get what I have photographed and listed. I am so bad. I'm planning on doing it when they steal the children after Christmas. I'm going to get loads of things photographed before Clark goes on TDY in January.....he'll be taking his camera with him. So you have lots of new cheap goods to look forward to in the New Year. :) I guess I should shower and such before my parents get here and start ripping on me for being lazy. :)

19 December 2008

18 houses and 6 bitty bags

All done and are with their new owners...whew....oy...crafting takes it out of you. In a good way, of course. :) I actually made 8 bags...I've got two left...they came in packs of four. I'll have pictures up this weekend hopefully. Clark has had a rough week...they had a 12-mile "nature walk" on Thursday morning and he's still bushed. I have to tell you....I am in love with potato stamping now.....I had so much fun making the mini-prada schamada bags. I'll have to get a picture of my bag I did in class....I finished it a few weeks ago. I love potato stamping so much that I even made tiny little tags for the bags with the same pattern. I probably should have been cleaning up my house....we still have unpacked boxes (she says sheepishly). I did start on the kitchen today and cleaned up the counters. I re-arranged things....much better now. The rest of the house sucks....just forewarning my parents. I have a few goals for next year...finish unpacking/cleaning up the house, make more crafty items, and working on improving my Etsy store. I've got all the packages from the giveaway ready to go tomorrow......except Elizabeth's....I still need an address, please? I hope you all enjoy your goodies. I had fun putting something together for you all. I should of just gave you extras from Silver Bella...darn it. :) My sister has a new blog.....it's on the side bar... "The Life and Times of Wendy Hue"...finally....now everyone can leave her bitchy comments. :) Maybe she can host a swap...she does have a thing for ATCs. I convinced her to branch out and join the charm swap...there are only 13 of us that I know of...I bet Trish would still let you join....it's a Valentine's charm sawp...you know you want to try it. :) I'll quit while I'm ahead.

17 December 2008

Facebook and I've been gettin' my craft on

I joined facebook the other day...oy. That is some crazy shit. I did lurk around and peeked to see who all was on it that I knew from HS.....so never want to re-live any of that. Man, it is a big time waster....even more than blog hopping. :) In between all of that I've been playing Martha. I have gifts for teachers to make and gifts for troops to make. My deadline for the troops moved up to tomorrow.....then why am I in here and not crafting....no real excuse....I had to come in here for more embellishments and decided to check my email. I decided to make little "Charlotte" houses based on the ones I made in her class at SB. The teachers are getting scaled down versions of the Prada Schmada bags. :) It's a Charlotte Christmas. I hope to finish them tonight and have Clark take a picture of all 18 of them. I'll work on finishing the bags tomorrow...houses first. :) I did set up the Xmas tree on the porch and it's all decorated. No lights.....I like no lights on trees....quirky that way. Well, back to the crafting. :)

14 December 2008

And the winner is.....

Michelle of "Hold Dear"......can you please email your address, so that I can mail out the foofed prize. :) As you know...I'm such a sucker and there are never any losers here (well, except me). :) I've got addresses for everyone but Elizabeth and Cindy, please email me addresses.....okay, only if you'd like the booby prize I'm offering up...it's a surprise. That's the way my evil little mind works. In other news, I've lowered the prices on some of the goodies in the shop...I know the economy kind of sucks right now.....I know we all need our vintage/crafty fix, but we also need to feed our families. :) I've been trying to organize my trims this morning....I'm so funny...it's a lost cause. It has been a tad bit pleasantier (is that a word?...I doubt it), thanks to my Dad and his Pepsi points......it allowed me to download a few songs (like 28 or so) and that helps make te task a little bit better. :) Lenka is playing right now "The Show"...great song....love the video....happy tomatoes...too cool. I need to get back to work and I've got groceries to buy. I've actually been cooking.....homemade chili, lasagna, and macaroni and cheese....all this week...the freezer is full. Kind of nice with two bottomless pits in the family.

08 December 2008

Shop Update- Take Two

These are Xmas craft packs.
This is the large Bella Grab bag.

This is the small chocolate box full of treasures.

Vintage matchboxes...each has been emptied of matches and tag kits put in their place.

This is the small Bella grab bag.

This is the large chocolate box.

I've got four of these pink vintage birds left.
A lot of these things are from Silver Bella (except the Xmas craft packs). I still have other things left over from Silver Bella that I have to work on tweaking for Etsy. :) Go shop!

Shop Update

I don't know why these aren't going in nicely...argh....here is a selection of the vintage Christmas items I added this morning.

07 December 2008

This is the actual 100th post!

Here is the prize for my giveaway. I foofed til I could foof no more. It turns out that one of the posts was just a draft and this is the actual 100th post. How cool is that?? You have until Saturday at midnight to leave a comment to win my foofed up wreath. Good luck. I'll be updating my shop soon...woohoo...I know. :) I'm hoping for more than 40 comments...I think that was the most I ever got....that was for May's giveaway. We'll see how many people actually read my blog now.

03 December 2008


I was just going to post about the new swap I joined. I've been itching to join one and I missed most of the cutoff dates. I was bummed.....until this morning I checked out Swapdex. Happy, happy. The Tattered Rose is hosting a "Romancing the Charm Swap'" in honor of Valentine's Day. You make a charm for each participant (up to 30) and get one back from each participant. I wanted another shot at charm making, since I kind of blew the first one. :) If you are interested head on over...plenty of room. Just click my title....oh, I hope that works. I've been working on things for the shop. I de-listed over half my shop...most of the items were put up in August and were coming up on their expiration dates anyhoo. I've been gathering for photos and making Christmas craft packs. I think I will try two sizes of Bella grab bags....small and larger. :) I'm going to try to put a little bit of everything I sold at Vendor Night into them. Some things aren't quite feasible. Breakables.....they are going into paper bags and this is me....I'd probably break them before they got near the bags. :) You'll get trims, crafter's crack, ephemera and more. When I went to start this post...I realized (thanks to Blogger for keeping tabs) that this is my 100th post. Since May...wow. Man, that calls for some sort of giveaway...oy. I suck at those....I keep promising and promising. Like, someday I want to host a swap...is that ever going to happen??? I think I know what I can give away....it is something I made almost a year ago. It's pretty, but needs some foofing.....you all love your foof and it isn't foofed. I will foof and then post. I am having a giveaway before this week is done. I'm bound and determined now. I must go figure out how to foof.

02 December 2008

Crafting is dangerous business :)

I decided to work on something crafty today...use up some supplies that my Pops had sent me...damn pom poms. I was actually getting a good start and things were going smoothly....until I poked the hell out of my finger and it started bleeding. It went down hill from there....everything I touched craft-wise has gone to shit. I can't seem to get back into the swing of things. I lost my mojo, muse or whatever the heck you want to call it. Maybe it was a sign from the Gods to get back to the laundry. :) Never...I refuse.....that's back breaking work...I think I prefer the finger poking work. If Clark is feeling better tonight....I'll see if he can take a few photos for me...so that I can update the shop (with vintage items....I'm not attempting anything that needs cutting or assembling). Smoochy poo (Billy) is here...I think I'll go torture him.

01 December 2008

Our puppy is home!!

Okay, he's not really a puppy anymore..he is 14 months old. We got him a new kennel thing to sleep in....his other one was kind of small. I washed his favorite blanket and had it ready for him and what does he do...he escapes from his collar in the parking lot. Poor Clark had to chase him down.....he's sick and you could tell it hurt. I got three loads of laundry washed and two thirds of it folded. I've still got a small hill to do....blah. We got last week's mail today...that is a really nifty service the USPS offers...mail holding...it was really easy....did it over the internet. I've got a stack of magazines to go through. The boys had a good day at school....the bus was early for Billy today....I didn't mind...it was chilly outside. I got a Fed-Ex bill.....I was wondering why no charges had popped up from SB....not bad...$27.24 for two boxes using the express three day service (EDIT: That was for one box...I just got the bill for the other box for a grand total of $89.33 for the two boxes...still better than what happened to the other girls). They were not light boxes. I got through part of the last one today. I've got an idea of how to sell the rejects. I'm thinking a grab bag sort of thing...I've got leftover bags in different sizes......you'd get so much trim yardage, assorted ephemera, and other items that I can't easily list on Etsy. It would be totally random and you wouldn't really know what you get until it arrives. What do you think?? If it is a stupid idea, let me know...before I try it. :) I just want to go to bed right now....I wonder if I can talk everyone else into hitting the sack a little early tonight. It can't hurt.