27 September 2008

I'm almost caught up

I mailed off two swap packages today (Sweet & Sinister and Wicked Witch). I forgot to have Clark take pictures......I just wanted to get them packed and mailed before the 1st came and went. I had to mail one of them myself....it is going to the Netherlands....custom forms....argh. :) I managed to create a mini masterpiece for Lili last night. I made two, but the glue I used on the one failed me and so that one will probably go to my sister (after repairs). I am very happy with how Lili's came out. I've decided to make some more (okay, time willing at least one more) and use it as a prize for my belated blog anniversary. So you will have to wait until I finish it and get a picture. I got the idea from Amy @ InspireCo and her Inspired Ideas e-zine. Not telling. I had such a good time just creating. I was in a little time crunch, but it was still great fun. I should really let myself do that more often and not just for swaps. I needed a few things from the craft store today, so we hit Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby had a dismal Halloween section, but had scrapbook paper for 50% off, so I picked up some for Wendy (they don't have a Hobby Lobby). They also had two racks up front with 5/$1 scrapbook paper.....I got some for Wendy and her friend Amy. They are thinking about hosting a Christmas swap....so maybe this will get them to get their tushes in gear. It is the cutest vintage inspired paper. They have gone swap crazy. :) We picked up some Bagelfuls at Walmart...a new flavor we can't get at the commissary...blueberry. I love these things. We haven't found a good place to get bagels yet. These work out nice...the cream cheese is inside...yummy. Strawberry and cinnamon are good as well. Well, Billy Silly Pants is on my arm...need to go..ouch.


  1. I'm curious!!

    Of course I will make photos and I can always mail you some additional. Just let me know at that time.

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. I haven't mailed either of my swaps yet. I need to find a box for the Wicked Witch one. I need to work on my main project for the Sweet and Sinister...I know what I want to do...now just do it!!!

  3. Wanda, you have won a prize on my blog, please send me your address and I'll get it in the mail to you.