08 September 2008

I'd like your opinion

I have a question about my shop offerings. Do you prefer the trim packs with 3 yards of assorted trims or would you prefer to buy 3 yards of the same trim?? Let me know....I'm constantly thinking of ways to tweak the shop. Thanks.


  1. Sorry Wanda I will probably be not much of a help, but my suggestion would be to put both in your shop and see which one is going the best...voilà!
    Great to see that the business is going well! I'm very busy thinking what I will make and buy you. Mmm perhaps it is time to DO something!
    Have a great week!

  2. Personally I like a yard each of the 3 different trims, but that's me! I like having a variety and then if I purchase something I really like, then convo and see if more was available for purchase. I love your store!

  3. Your blog is so darn cute...I love the title. I hope to meet you at Bella. Take care, Kara Ward

  4. I second what Lili (1st poster) said. Try it both ways. Some people need a lot and some need just enough for a certain project! Good Luck!