25 September 2008

Introducing....Cotton Candies

Pastilles Mix

Red, White and Blue Mix
Chocoholics Mix

You get six cotton candies in each bag. Two of each "flavor". They are really 6 1/2" squares of vintage dotted swiss fabric. I just listed them in my store. I also added 8 more tea tins. Four red and four green....I have more red and green tea tins than the other colors. I only had one orange and one black, so I could only offer two Halloween tea tins. I've got enough red and green that I'm good for Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day (and I could make more Xmas ones if I want). I'm working on some more mouse sized goodies for the shop.....like the mouse trunk...I had so much fun with that.


  1. I love all the food references in your items! Dotted swiss is an awesome idea, very retro and very unusual!

  2. Wanda, these cotton candies are adorable, what a clever idea!