04 September 2008

I'm turning into a bookseller

My love of old books is overshadowing my love of all other vintage things right now in the shop. I think partly because I haven't decided what and how much of the craft stuff I'm taking to SB entirely. I worked out some of it in my head and on paper yesterday. It's made me kind of blah the last few days. The swaps have started on the yahoo group for SB.....I haven't really seen anything I want to do and most of them are filling up rather quickly (and a lot by the same gals). I'm thinking of hosting one of my own, but have hit a creative block (that is what is holding me up on all fronts). I did find some cute things for my two Halloween swaps this weekend. Lili doesn't have much Halloween stuff, so that makes it even more fun to find things. I should be getting my partner in the Witch Swap soon. :) Genevieve is going to host a Nutcracker Sweet Swap...she hasn't posted anything but the button....that tease. I had thought about using that as a basis for a Bella Swap, but I don't want to copy anyone. Oh..the books....I just listed a new batch of vintage books....a few childrens books, but mostly old French textbooks. They were college textbooks....I can't believe they used to be so small.....today's versions are way bigger and a lot longer for the same information. :) Gougers. They range in age from 1902 to 1930. I'm still hoping to list part of my jewelry stash someday, but I'm worried about pricing. I don't want to gouge, but I don't want to screw myself either. Darn it...this is the hard part of selling on Etsy. ...pricing. :) Well, I'm off to contemplate SB swaps ideas and vendor table ideas. Have a nice day and take a peek in the shop. If there is anything you are interested in seeing, let me know.....I'll try to be on the lookout for it (or I might already have some and just haven't listed it).

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  1. You are not alone. I suffer from many of these same woes. I know you'll get out of your funk soon.