11 September 2008

I've been cleaning and cutting

Yesterday, I spent two hours cleaning up Billy's room. He still doesn't really play with toys. He likes to dump them about and leave them there. It is easier (ha!) to let it go and then come in and do one big cleanup every once in a blue moon. I did it early after Jr and Clark left (Billy was still asleep) and that just about wiped me out for the rest of the day. I rearranged some of his furniture. It looks much better with some things switched around. He was so excited. I've still been overwhelmed with where to start on my vendor stuff. But, today, I was reading Karla's blog (Karla's Cottage) and it was nice to see that she was feeling the same way. Beth told her pretty much start with something you know you can already package. I thought that was good advice, so it motivated me. I started cutting my trims in 1 yard lengths. It didn't quite dawn on me until today....I can sell them in 1 yard lengths....they use them for paper arts, not for clothing. They don't need 3-5 yards lengths of any one trim. Variety is what they like and they can then pick and choose. I still think in more of fabric whore way. More is better and more of any one kind of trim is even better than that. We tend to hoard. So I am hoarding no longer...okay, I have set some trims aside for my use at Silver Bella for my kit. I've been wrapping them on tags as well. I'll cut a bunch and then go sit and watch Bravo and wind them on tags. I'll probably put them in cellophane bags as well. I think they will travel better that way and if people touch and don't buy at Vendor Night (there will be food), they won't get the trims dirty. Who wants soiled trims?? Not I. Anything that could be cut into 1 yard lengths has been fair game...some trims all I had was 1 yard...too bad...they are going to Omaha. I started a list of what else I'd like to sell....as a kind of to do list. So I feel much better. I guess my main problem now is how much of the other things to I want to bring. I don't want to bring too much and have to lug it home. Oh well....more trims to cut and wrap. Speaking of trims...I almost forgot....I listed some trims today....a couple 1 yard lengths and some 3 yard lengths. Thanks for the input. Well, I'm playing voodoo doll with my tomato pin cushion. Have a good night.


  1. 1 yard lengths is smart, and you can always sell them in your etsy shop!

  2. I totally get the "just easier to clean it yourself". My Ian has ADHD and it's just quicker. :)