01 October 2008

I'm a winner and a total loser

I won one of Karla's giveaways...the one for just Bellas. I get one of her handmade creations. Now the loser part...I was working on my own handmade creations and fudged one up. Man, that glue works well and it really sucks, because I only have so much of that pattern wallpaper. Argh...it was my new vintage wallpaper from Donna (Under the Red Roof). I want to scream...oh, wait..I did...thank goodness Billy had already left for school. I guess that will be a keeper. No, I didn't just screw up the bottom, I screwed up the top as well. I'm having an off kind of day anyhow. Have you ever had dreams that just stuckwith you all day even after waking up and you kind of go through the day completly out of it?? (I know you all are shaking your heads going why are we still checking out her blog...crazy woman.) I did get a lot accomplished yesterday.....I worked on my mouse sized boxes.....I'm covering those little paper mache boxes in vintage wallpaper....like little hat boxes for mice. I have all the "faux" leather boxes made up...I just need to start stuffing them to the gills with goodness. I'm thinking of keeping them for SB. It depends on whether I can find some more and get them done in time. I have plenty to stuff them with...I spent most of my "free" time (aka...Preschool) cleaning up my happy place. It was getting crazy. It is so much easier to get to things if they are all together. Who knew? I do and it still doesn't matter.....rat's nest....I need to have a sign made up for my door. :) I gathered up most of my trims in one large container...forgetting to keep some out for my giveaway project...argh. Of course, that contianer is now covered with other contianers. I suck. I'm so excited..."Pushing Daisies" comes on tonight, followed by Project Runway......it's a good girly night of television. I love all the retro looking clothes that put the gals in....inspiration for prom night...ha. That search is not going well....at least I'm not the only Bella having problems.....if the chat board is any indication. :) Oh well. I need to start on a new box...I've got two to cover and two to finish up. Happy first day of October!


  1. Congrats on winning Karla's giveaway!

    Sorry about your glue issues.

    Pushing Daisies... omg! I didn't watch last season and I'm kicking myself. I finally got to see it last night... LOVE IT! Right up my alley. So crazy grown up Dr. Seussish meets Dick Tracy with a sprinkling of Twin Peaks.

    Keep looking for your dress. If I can find one, you can too.

  2. I'm a Runway fan too.

    How frustrating about your wallpaper! Its painful to waste any of that stuff, it is so precious. Well, i am a bit of a wallpaper lover and get carried away.