17 October 2008

Ooh, that's bad

I did a run through of my table with said props and merchandise....ugh. It was not pretty and I was back at square one. Good thing I got those things at thrift stores and they were cheap (they'll make great storage in my happy place though). :) I was so stressed out. Man, Karla has two out of three done and packed......Heather (Pretty Petals) knows who she is and what her table is going to look like (wonderful, of course.....I love all that romantic shit).....grrr. Yesterday, I was putzing around on Etsy...hoping for a sale.....very slow week.....very....non-existent. That is a totally differnt thing. :) I figured out what to do and got a few things off of Etsy. I did have to run to Michaels (I went to our new Jo-ann's as well...it sucks) to find a few things. They didn't have evrything, so I may have to hit Hobby Lobby this weekend. I love that we've got a couple options of places to go. I'm not spilling the beans though.....top secret. :) I am really excited about it though. Very happy and I will be painting this weekend. I ordered my sweater for Vendor Night and my sister got me a tiara to wear as well. She is coming, too. She'll be helping me and taking classes. I think we'll have a good time and the support and help on Vendor Night will be wonderful. She's waitress part-time, so she will be writing up the sales slips.....plus, she has that "I hate you for paying attention in grammar school" handwriting. The kind they teach you...she liked it so much, so that is how she actually writes...cursive and all..bitch. :) I've ordered our shirts and charms and am really starting to get a little excited. There is still a lot to do.....pack up my supplies, work on swaps, finish vendor night wares.....feeling much better about it all. I got all my Halloween swaps...Lili has pictures on her blog of both of ours....thanks, Lili. I've got pictures of what Tanya sent, I just need more time to blog them. I've got a meeting at the school this afternoon and really should eat something....because I'm STARVING!!!! I was so busy this morning my breakfast was piddly. Bad, bad Wanda. At least I ate something. :)

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  1. It sounds like your mind is going in several different directions! Slow down, take a deep breath and things will work out fine!