06 October 2008

Things are starting to go smoother

I got my tax stuff taken care of and the lady from NE is going to send me a sales tax form and envelope. We are supposed to collect sales tax, but we won't need a license....sigh of relief. I've am on the two other yahoo groups for Silver Bella....these were an information mother lode. I'm starting to feel the stress go away. I think I can start having fun with it now. I only got a few things bagged and tagged today. I'm waiting on a custom-made rubber stamp that I had commissioned from a lady on Etsy....CraftPudding. I can't wait to see how it turned out. I still need to figure out table ideas/storage containers. I found some really great favor containers on sale at Michaels that I plan to use....they should fit right in with my "food" theme of my store. I just can't decide if I should pre-fill them or or have a larger container of mixed up things for them to scoop out and fill themselves. Which would you prefer as a buyer?? You don't need to be a Bella to comment....delurk..all five of you. :) I still need to work on my giveaway prize....which will probably turn into a "I've sold 100 items in my store" or "It's Halloween" giveaway. I only need to sell 8 more things...I think. I'm happy to report that Lili's box made it to the Netherlands and they will be having a good Halloween. I can't wait for my box. So excited. I don't know if Tanya got her witch box or not. Lili is having a giveaway.....I need to put her on my sidebar...bad Wanda. Elizabeth is having one as well....."Thoughts of an Evil Overlord"....she is on the sidebar. Go forth and try to win some goodies. I will be updating my sidebar. :)


  1. Hmmm.... I think I like the scoop and fill idea. I can't wait to visit your booth. I've run through almost all of the wonderful trims you sent me in the MA swap.

  2. Can't wait to see your booth. It sound yummy.

  3. Ooh I wish I could go to Silver Bella too!! It would be nice to meet you at your booth and I would be happy to fill my own large container! But you have to think of yourself too...is there a possibility that one takes all the cherries from the pie and leave you with the crumbs of the cake?
    You're making the understatement of the year Wanda, we will have a fabulous never have such a good Halloween before Halloween! My kids love you (and hate me, because it took me more than one hour to take photo's! They weren't allowed to touch the candybags and all candy stuff before I was finished). I do hope 'my box' will arrive tomorrow and that you will be happy too!