08 October 2008

Trims, trims, trims

I was tagging some loose trims and decided to count how many I've bagged and tagged so far for SB....oy. It's a lot and I have trims I haven't even started cutting into 1 yard lengths. They are going to range in price from $1-$2/yd. I've got old florist ribbon that I cut up into larger yardage and they are 25-50 cents/yd. I've got more of those to cut as well. Well over 100 yards of trims in 1-yd increments. If you want trims, I'm your woman. I got all my vintage birds tagged today. I'm about halfway through the vintage Christmas ornaments. I've got five mini boxes to wallpaper and then I need to start filling those and the other little boxes with all sorts of treasures. What else am I bringing??? Vintage millinery fruit, vintage tart and jello tins, some sort of ephemera packets, yo-yos made from vintage fabric, "cotton candies", misc vintage items (small figurines, baby bonnets & booties, etc), vintage jewelry, loose vintage beads, unopened packages of ric rac and bias tapes, some funky flocked fruit, vintage cake decorations and whatever else I can tag and bag before November 1st. That is the date I want to be finished tagging. I'm going for a German flea market feel to my booth. I want people to just dig and have fun finding inexpensive things for crafting. I've been finding containers to use at thrift stores...I plan on having those for sale as well....neat tins, silver footed bowls, metal trays. I want to bring little to nothing back with me. I'd like to find one or two bigger containers....a hat box would kick butt. Something that can be towards the back and hold a bunch of stuff. :) Happy day....I got my box form Lili today. I'm waiting until Clark gets back from work....that way we can all see what is in it together. I know if there is candy, they'd sniff it out and find it anyhow. :) For you Bellas....are there any vintage things you are looking for??? Maybe I'll be able to find some before the 1st of November. Jewelry...just stuff to make other things with or do you buy for collections as well??? Questions, questions....always loads of questions.


  1. Wow, you're bring a whole merchantile store load! What fun! I'm so glad I get to go to Silver Bella this year!!! (I hunt you down, 'cuz I love ALL things vintage!!!)

    Thanks for entering my blog drawing! I know it wasn't easy finding me through the blog maze!!!


    ....who is at her FINAL blog home now... everyday-cookies.blogspot.com

  2. Wow, you are one busy lady! Sounds like you will have tons of goodies!

  3. oh how i wish i could visit your table! it sounds wonderful! thanks for visiting!

  4. i forgot to ask you, do you have any vintage feathers? i'm making fascinators & need some pretty old feathers! thanks!

  5. NOv 1st is a agood day to aim for, I am too. I'm working on a table full of jewelry today. It is not going fast with a 2 year old helping me.

    You have a lot listed that sounds good to me! I wish I had shopping time, I feel like I will be trying hurry to get all of mine set up!

  6. It sounds like your eyes are almost crossing from the bagging. :)

    I am on post #99 so stay tuned. :)