03 July 2008

Summer Random Re-gift Swap & Junk

The first three photos are some of the items I received from Susana of Slovenia in the justbeConnected's "Summer Random Re-gift Swap". There was more, but I thought I'd just share a little. :) The bottom picture is the box of junk I won the other day from Mary Ann. It was a box loaded down with odds and ends of all sorts of stuff. Don't forget to sign up for this week's box o' junk. Little Cottage In the Making has a giveaway going on now as well....for an Ooh La La package...it's open until tomorrow....her link is on the sidebar.


  1. You did good, friend! Looks like you got quite a bit of "junk" from Mary's giveaway! Great job!!

  2. I really appreciate all your information on great swaps and give aways.
    I wish I were going to Silver Bella, but it competes with a little thing called college. :(