28 July 2008

Still working

I got some things done...I ordered my business cards....I got two kinds. I got normal size business cards to put in packages and then I got little skinny cards to pass out at Silver Bella. I guess most of the ladies do the moo cards, I don't have any pictures worth getting put on Moo cards (yet...someday). They should be here in 4-10 business days.....they were quick. I'm keeping them a surprise until they get here. I'm so mean. :) I'm also waiting for some packaging. I was going to have Clark start taking pictures for me this weekend, but it got away from us. He did drop off loads of stuff at the Post Thrift Shop. I worked on more merchandise this weekend. I gave Clark a break and we didn't hit any sales this weekend....we had to go clothes shopping for Jr. I put sections in my store...I finally figured out my little thing that will make it "special' and my own. I'm such a goofball. It makes me smile. I may have screwed myself, but that is okay. Yes, Alisa....I'm going to have a shop....if you can have three...I think I can handle one...I hope. :)

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