22 July 2008

Reading, writing and a headache

I read a lot this morning...got sucked into a book that I picked up at the PX (Post Exchange...kind of like a Walmart, but with less merchandise and no sales tax)....it's a crafty mystery. :) I'm finally writing...I haven't posted since Sunday. And a had a huge hadache most of the morning which made it hard to get anything accomplished. I did work on inventory this morning....finishing something I started yesterday. I also just worked a little bit more...bagging up vintage craft leaves in two colors...a hot pinky color and silver with a frosty appearance. I got my reclosable bags in the mail yesterday, so I can start bagging items. Woohoo!! We hit six sales on Saturday and they sucked...I just cannot pick them to save my life. I was so bummed. We even hit two Thrift Stores and they pretty much blew as well. Well, on Sunday morning while perusing the paper I swa an ad for an estate sale in AL...everything was 50% off. I mapquested and it wasn't far away...Seale, AL. So we went and I spent some of my birthday money and got some fun stuff for the house.....some more vintage ornaments for my little tree and five Limoges plates (I got all 5 for $14 and the ire of a chick in front of me). She had wanted them, but she should know at Estate Sales if you are even thinking of about it...pick it up or it won't be there by the time you make up your mind. You can always put it back. It was neat...you got a card with a number and they wrote down what you wanted on your card and took it outside for you. Your arms were free and it was so much easier to look around. It definitely made up for the last two weeks of crappy sales. How ever is a girl suppose to stock her Etsy store with vintage goodies if she can't find any??? Man, it means I'll actually have to start creating things....the pressure..oy. :) I do have some ideas of things I'd like to make for my store. They will probably have to wait a few weeks until the boys are back in school. Billy is driving us all batty.....he came up with a new game yesterday..."Let's See How Far I Can Fling My Yogurt"....lovely and impressive.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your rotten luck at the sales lately. At least you did well at the one. One is better than none. Check out my blog today, I have a posting for you!