16 July 2008

I got off my butt

I actually cleaned up some of my happy place yesterday...there is a path to my library desk. I even used it to pay bills this morning. :) I still have a long way to go....I've got boxes in the carport and hallway that still have to find their way into here. But it felt good to get something accomplished. I even have an idea for a card...I've been blocked and that's why I haven't worked on any cards for the swap. I just got done booking my flight and made my hotel reservation for Silver Bella. I still can't believe it. Happy, happy. Now I need to think of attire....the vintage prom thing is so cool, but my body is so not made for those dresses. I have an excess of skin (I put on too much weight during my last pregnancy and it was all up front) that is kind of a pain for me. Clothes shopping has sucked the last three years to start with, now add formal attire. :) I'll figure something out. Well, I need to get breakfast for the oldest and myself and get showered at some point..I've got a meeting this afternoon. Billy will be back in 45 minutes, so I need to get a move on.


  1. Get cracking on those cards, Wanda!!

  2. Hey... you have to take lots of pictures at the Silver Bella.... that should be so inspirational.