07 January 2015

I Was A Busy Bee

Boy...the life of an army wife is crazy sometimes.  Right after my last post.....life got crazy and didn't slow down until Monday.  There was a potluck, a very special lunch, DFAC meals, a unit Holiday party, cookies to bake for soldiers, many visits to Christmas Markets (wee one's first one), a Coffee, an Open House, a Craft Day, visits to Staff Duty/CQs to drop off baked goods, Thanksgiving, Christmas. and New Year's fireworks.  Add to that two different work schedules that didn't always sync up and a way too long Christmas break.  I was busy...but it was a good busy.  I made ornaments for my Husband's Christmas tree and then they got moved over to Squadron...their tree was naked.  I made a garland to cover his naked tree.  I made Silver Bella houses for ornaments and as gifts.  It was nice making things again.

So I was thinking....because I'm so excited to be all happy and creative again (long, dry spell....sucked) I thought I would put out feelers.  How would some of you like to join a swap??  I was thinking of a charm swap......I haven't done one of those in a long time.  I was thinking a bee theme, maybe??  What do you think??  No more than 20 swappers.....I'll be lucky to get two people (due to the long drought of blog posts).  I thought I'd throw it out there and see if anybody is still out there and wants to create fun shit.  Happy New Year!

P.S.  Yes, I used that picture before...I needed one with a bee.  :)  I'm not perfect.


  1. Happy 2015! Count me in for the swap. I'm sure I have some bee things about.

  2. You know I'm here to support you, Little Sister, so count me in!