14 November 2014

Long time, no blogging

Let's see...October 9th was the last blog post....oy.  I went to Cheb (Czech Republic) and went thrifting with the girls here in town a couple of times.  We had a craft day and I taught them how to make mini paper bag albums with tags...Halloween theme.....yes, using up the crafty crap.  No pictures....I suck.  We went to Lego Land, a pumpkin patch and the Munich Zoo.  Did some Army wife stuff.  Celebrated two birthdays.  We just had another craft day on Wednesday and still no pictures.  I taught them how to make bunting.....they used burlap...I hate burlap. Ugh.  We made fabric charms and I left them all with supplies to make sunflowers out of coffee filters (which I had dyed ahead of time).  I didn't get around to making a bunting until today.....I cut out the pieces yesterday and made it today.....no sew.....fabric glue and a glue gun.  I realized that I had given everyone the toweling for the middle of the sunflowers, so I dyed more coffee filters and made rose/peony looking flowers instead.  I made 21 one flowers and want to make more.  I spent my entire 7 1/2 hours of free time crafting.....it was awesome.  I haven't done that in forever.  I need to do it more often.  :)

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  1. Sounds like you've been busy! I love your bunting - such pretty fabric and perfect ribbon colors. The flowers are lovely, too. Have fun!