10 November 2013

Happy Colorful Mail

This set is for more bunting for brand new babies....I think I'll go with the green on the left.  I had ordered the swatch card and it is still hard until you get the felt in hand.
These I ordered for me...30 sheets of happy.  Okay, a few are for the bunting.  I love all that color.  I would have ordered the full pack of colors (one of each), but couldn't justify it in my mind.  I got this lovely felt from Benzie Design on Etsy.  http://www.etsy.com/shop/BenzieDesign?ref=em
I took a class with Liesel Lund at Handmade U back in September of 2012.  She posted about this brand of paint on her blog....twice (maybe three times).  I finally took the plunge and got two sampler sets and want to go back for all of them at some point.  They are just beautiful. 
I definitely need more color in my life.  It gets pitch dark here around 5:15 p.m. nowadays and that is not a happy thing. I guess I'll share where I got the pretty paint as well.  Go sign up for emails and you'll get coupon codes (that is how I finally allowed myself to buy some pretty paint).  They have all sorts of art supplies.....I ordered a cool watercolor sampler card as well. 

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