01 November 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

That is what the wee one went around saying today.  I think he gets it...I think he finally understands.  :)  He chose strawberry cake with strawberry frosting.  He helped mix the cake mix this morning.  He left when I got egg on my hand.  :)  He chose the cake decorations from the Real (German grocery store) and picked out his candle (not pictured).  He fell in love with Turbo this summer and wanted a Turbo Birthday party.  The only thing I forgot to order was Turbo wrapping paper....I had to use Cars 2 leftover wrapping paper.  He got AAA guidebooks from his Grandparents, a car magazine, a Bob the Builder lunchbox, tiny signs (the kind you get with train sets and toy cars...enough to fill the lunchbox), and Monsters University on DVD.  He even got an E-card from his Daddy.  He had a good birthday.  And most importantly he got it.  :) 

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