14 May 2013

A Walk in Weiden, Part 2

I went to Dehner's (garden center) and Norma's (small grocery store) after my walk around town.  That croissant (schoko-nuss) tasted way better than it looks.  It was like a carnival game getting it out of the dispenser...I lost.  There was a beautiful one in the back, but it just would not come out.  The Bacon Peps we discovered the first time we went to Norma's back in February....I love bacon anything.  The Dehner's has a small craft/home decoration section.  That is where I found the crepe paper.....I haven't played with crepe paper in forever.....flowers...that is what they are destined to be...if I can remember how to make them.  :)  The tea pots and buttons are fabric...too cute to pass up.

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