28 September 2012

Cool Stuff from Target

Okay, I think I've got this down...I do like that you can change the order of your pictures....found that out by sheer chance. :)  Apologies for not being around.  I was prepping for Handmade U and I returned from that on Sunday evening.  It was great, but that is another post.  Today, I want to discuss the above. :)  All these goodies were purchased at Target (weeks ago.....I just learned how to upload on my new computer).  I'm not sure if you can still get the soup or crayolas....but they are pretty cool.  Good thing my hubby and Jr love tomato soup.  :)  Cupcake themed cryola crayons...frigging adorable.  The best of the lot-  the Apple Fritter Bread.  I love this bread and I think that was loaf three and I am on loaf four right now.  It can be eaten toasted or not.....delicious stuff.  I haven't tried it yet, but it might be worth trying out as french toast.  They have other flavors...Blueberry Struesel (not bad), Mocha Marble (next on the list), and there was a Pumpkin one on Monday.  I'm not sure if all Targets will offer the bread...it may only be the ones with fresh groceries.....our Target was updated in June.  It isn't a Super Target, but it isn't bad. :)   These photos were taken weeks ago....so the cool stuff in the Dollar Spot hadn't come in yet.  You will want to check that out right now as well.  :)  I love Target!   

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  1. Cool. I started to buy the soups, but we don't ever eat canned soup and I didn't think the food donation place would want soup with missing labels and the names written on the cans in sharpie.