20 August 2012

Holy crap...I'm so out of shape

Well, I've been exercising every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday since wee one started school.  I'm so tired...someone put me out of my misery...not really.  I really did need to start exercising.  I'm just waiting for that burst of energy crap they talk about....not happening here...I can't do shit for hours afterwards.  I'm not getting anything accomplished and I have so much that needs doing.  :)  I did clean up my crafty pantry thing the other day...kind of....far from what it needs to be...but you can walk in there and some what find things.  It took hours.   The etsy shop has to go on the back burner (yet again) as I'm prepping for Handmade U.....vendor goods come first and I just got my supply list for classes.  It's less than a month away.  I'm glad that I got some of it done this summer.   I'm so excited about going.....the classes will be a challenge.....I'm not a journaler, but I do like learning new artsy things.  :)


  1. .....Oh Wanda it's going to be so fun! The exercise thing is killer! I started in April and am finally to the 'feel good' stage....but it took a long time. Can't wait to see you!

  2. I so tried to figure out a way to afford to go this time around but unfortunately we are looking to move once again, but staying in the Omaha area. I would love to find some time to meet up with you and visit if you have time. I could also help you set up your vendor booth ;) It would be like old times. I can bring pizza LOL