01 April 2014

So March wasn't a total wash

So I got a few things done.  I finished painting and glittering these eggs (there are actually two sets of the colored eggs).  I painted the insides gold after seeing someone else do it.  

I had two more sets of three eggs and decided to paint those gold (inside and out).  I sent them all into wee one's class for Easter.  I was going to decorate them with ribbons, lace and millinery flowers, but decided against it.  

I want to thank "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2" for inspiring wee one to pick out sardines at the German grocery store on Saturday.  He tried a couple bites of fish and three eyeballs...very proud (tiny bit revolted).  I love the pickles in the movie (so cute) and love the way Chester V talks and uses his hands while talking (very funny).  Speaking of movies, I watched some in March:  Frozen (Anna was a selfish bitch and I know I'm one of the last people on the planet to have seen it...just watched it Sunday night), "Black Swan" (that is some kind of cray-cray), "Hitchcock" (I have never seen "Psycho"...I know, I know), "Houseboat" (I haven't seen that one in forever...still like it) and re-watched "From Russia With Love" (Wee One loved it).  I read some books (I'm on a roll):

The American Way of Eating by TracieMcMillan
Eggs in a Casket by Laura Childs
The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches by Alan Bradley
Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen
How To Eat a Small Country by Amy Finley

We have played way too much Wii Mini-Golf, I made some more chocolate cupcakes (I want to perfect that recipe), we bought a meat slicer (and have used it once...we got it for $8 at the thrift store), started getting the backyard ready for spring (finally have enough window boxes for the whole fence), started sewing the last baby bunting, worked on taxes, tried looking online for a ball gown (sizes suck ass nowadays), made a mammogram appointment and all that other mundane crap (laundry, dishes- you get the idea)....so March was not a wash at all.  I may not have blogged much, but I got a lot done.  Here are two more links for the frosting recipes I used on the chocolate cupcakes.



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