11 February 2014

A Whole Year

Hubby deployed and redeployed from Afghanistan.  That was the worst re-deployment ever.  That is about 0430 in the morning and we had been waiting since 0200.  The boys still made it to school.....they wanted to go.  It was chocolate chip pancake day for the wee one.  There was no way he was missing pancakes....he just kept saying, "van and school" over and over.  

Here are the hearts I made for Jennifer's swap...they had to be neutral colors.  They each had a silver glittered heart in the little lace pocket.

Here is what I made for Sarah's swap.  The heart charm was what I made, but I didn't just want to send them in a bag with my card.  So I sewed up some felt hearts and sewed the charms on to those...much better.  I used vintage fabric instead of paper on the heart charms.  It was leftover fabric from my Art of Craft heart.  Now i'm not sure if I ever posted a photo of that...darn.  Oh well, I was excited to learn a new artsy craftsy thing....it was my first time with the clear glass cabochons and tile glaze.

We have been in Germany for exactly one year now.  We love our town.  We love the food.  The weather can be a tad wonky at times.  But we are happy to be back.  Hubby just needs a job.  Re-integration takes forever.  He is so up my ass.  Hard to get anything done with him around.  I did re-arrange the living room (with a little help from Hubby) yesterday.  The boys seem to like the re-configuration and addition of a rug.  I helped out with a few bake sales since I last blogged.  Someone else needs to hold some swaps....I want to make things, but feel I need a reason to do them.  I do still have one baby bunting left to make...waiting for the felt and I might make a birthday gift for a party I'm attending next weekend.  I don't really want to buy anything if I can make something instead (she likes owls....I think I can handle that). That is about it.  We have gone to quite a few stores in town since he has time off.  We got a shoe rack the other day (had to make sure I got one before my parents visit again).  We have also tried two of the many donor kebab stands in town.  None of them live up to the best donor stand in Germany (I don't know if that one still exists, but it was in Augsburg in front of the Dehner's).  There are still a shit load of them to try though....half the fun.  I need to go.....I'm heading into Vilseck with the Hubby today.  I want to go the post thrift stores (there is one on Graf as well).  

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