01 December 2013

Just a Few Things Around Here

I finally attended a 3/2 Coffee.  They had invited me to the October Coffee and I was too chicken shit to drive in a new place.  November's was easier to find, but at night...it was dark.  But I had a good time and this was my "Welcome to the Group" gift.  It came with a 2CR pin as well....which I put on right away.
I've been trying to get caught up on crafty kits.  I finished my projects from the Little Pink Studio Boxes from August and October.  I need to find my husband's Dremel to finish September's box.  I made the necklace I bought from Andrea Singarella.  She offered up some kits from the "Sweethearts on the Home Front" Art Retreat and I bought one.  That is the first time I wire-wrapped.
I had some wreath forms that I needed to wrap. I was wrapping one of them and it had a bad spot on the yarn and I had to cut it  off and start over.  I made a pom pom with that yarn and couldn't stop.  I went a little nuts...I would still be making them if my oldest hadn't made a snide remark.   I'll make more and use up all my yarn when he's in school.  :) 
We woke up to snow on Thanksgiving.  It wasn't much, but it stayed the whole day.  It was gone by Friday.  Oh well.  We stayed home and got a crap load of Christmas shopping done online. :) 

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  1. Hi Wanda! so glad to hear from u. wow Hope mentioned u were moving after handmade u … thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. it seems blogging has gone south. I went to sweet hearts to take those classes since it was no where near as expensive as silver bella. I really wanted to blast a few ladies but decided to would make me no better…hugs and happy holidays