20 June 2013

We're Having a Heat Wave...

oy...it's a wee bit warm.  :)  I have pictures of things, but it is way too hot to do anything.  We've had the funkiest weather since arriving four months ago.  It ended up being one of the longest Winters on record, a few weeks ago- record rain (and a lot of flooding), and now it is really hot.  There was a week and half of really nice weather and we enjoyed our backyard.  The weather is supposed to cool down soon.  :)  I am alive, but Hubby was on "use it or lose it" leave, so I spent time with him.  We hit as many German grocery stores that we could while the kids were still in school.  We are simple people.  We are just enjoying living in Germany.  I promise I'll have pictures next time....we hit the flea market and I spent a whooping 11,70 euro this time. :) 

1 comment:

  1. Ha.
    We are on day two of below 74degree temps. Here. In Texas. In the middle of July.

    The apocalypse?