21 April 2013

I guess I should post something.....

I'm just enjoying being in Germany.  Oh...I just love Germany.  The bratwurst, brotchen, brezen...it's green (even covered in snow). :)  We now have all our stuff (car included), so I've been un-packing.  It's been a busy two months.  We had to get a house, our two kids in school (one was a challenge), figure out how to get where we needed to go....lots of little things....okay, where all the German grocery stores were in our town.  I am a grocery store whore.  It's a sickness....one Hubby and Jr don't mind...they like food.  We try to pick something new to try everytime...okay, for them to try.  I'm still a picky eater who loves food.  I know it is just wrong.  We bought flowers and plants yesterday.  They have to go in pots....I'm used to that.  I'm just happy knowing they won't die from the heat.  :)  I've been reading a crap load.....two different libraries to chose from....you can check out as many books at a time that you want.  I'll have to start of all the books I've read so far....mostly fluff and that is okay.  You need to read what you will enjoy or it is a chore.  Reading should not be a chore.    I'll try to start posting more....pictures I can't promise.  Oh...there is a church down the road, so we get to hear the church bells.....nice.  I do miss the cannon on post though.....only got to listen to that for two weeks...it was awesome....ka boom (as wee one liked to say whenever it went off).  :) 

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