09 November 2011

Last Friday Night

We made calamari. Jr has been picking out some form of sea creature for me to fix every week for the last two months or so. This week he picked squid....yummy....for them...not me. It wasn't as bad as touching the baby octopus. We used this recipe: www.allrecipes.com/Recipe/Calamari/Detail.aspx . We added 1/2 Tablespoon of Parsley and 1/2 Tablespoon of Garlic Powder as well (the first reviewer suggested it). Hubby and Jr were very happy with the results. Still not fond of deep frying...the popping and sizzling scare the hell out of me. It was pretty cool...you could add a clump of squid into the oil and the rings would separate. It doesn't take much to get me all excited.
In other news......I stocked the shop with a whole bunch of Christmas goodies. I've still got a few more things to photograph and list...I was on a roll on Monday with the photos until my battery starting dying on me....argh. I'm still blah about no Silver Bella this year....I would be on my way to Omaha right now. Bummed..so bummed. I've got a few swaps to keep me occupied....White Christmas Tags, ABC Pages, and a stocking. I need to dig my sewing machine out of the garage...it has been there for almost a year. I need to clear off a space for it first though. :) I used up almost all the apples from apple picking....10 gallons of apples is a lot....it made 5 cobblers, 4 crisps, and 5 pies. That was 68 cups of sliced apples. Oy. I think I ate one slice of apple pie. Too many apples....yes, you can have too many apples. I learned the hard way. :)


  1. I know exactly what you mean about Silver Bella. Wish we were on our way!


  2. hi there,
    I'm your swap partner for the stocking swap.
    Just wanted to pop in and say "HI"
    I'll email you soon.
    Have a lovely evening