28 October 2011

It's Apple Picking Time

On Sunday, I had the brilliant idea of going apple picking. :) We went to Brown's farm which is about an hour and a half east of Fort Huachuca. We had a great time. We picked way too many apples.....I'm still figuring out what to do with all of them. If you have any good apple recipes send them my way. We sampled their apple cider (and then bought some). The boys got to see sheep, pigs, chickens, and horses. Whenever they see animals it is a good day. We hit the new IHOP in Sierra Vista on the way back. It was a good day. I meant to blog earlier this week, but I've been really busy with my shop...so exciting...I had a bunch of orders this week. If you know me.....I get all kinds of excited if I sell one thing....I sold more than one this week...so happy. I've been trying to gather up some more things to do another update, but it is slow going. I put things in safe places and then can't remember the safe place. Yes, I need safe places...wee one emptied a whole bottle of MS black glitter in my "office" the other day....argh. I got a little crafting in.....I finished a project I started months ago. There is a picture somewhere on this blog of a stack of paper and an old BH&G decorating book. Well, I can't show the finished product yet...I need to mail it to the recipient. It feels good to finish it.....I was worried I was going to screw it up. But the other day I just said the hell with it and did it. :) I wish I was like a lot of you and could just craft to craft. I need it to be for a swap or something specific. Silly, I know. Well.....back to the unearthing. :) Have a great weekend! (If you get bored pop by the shop...I still have more stuff for sale.) :)

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