21 January 2011

January is looking up

Well...we finally have a house, our stuff, cable, phone and internet. Both boys are in school and hubby will soon go back to work (it's about time....he's been up my tush for three months too long). It has been a long three weeks. It's going to take forever to dig out from all the boxes. I wasn't going to join any swaps, but A Swap For All Seasons offered up one too good to pass by..a mini-fabric collage. I even got Wendy to sign up for it. :) Fort Huachuca is going to take some getting used to.....it's in the 70's in January, but our yard is rocks. We have a tiny patch of "dormant" grass for a backyard, but a cool little courtyard thing in the front. I wonder if I can grow some citrus here?? I need some plants...soemthing green and colorful. Everything will have to be in pots...that is okay....that is what I've used the last three duty stations. I guess that is enough for now.....I am exhausted and hurt like hell. :)

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  1. Yes Wanda you can grow citrus there :) Trust me the rocks make it an easy maintenance yard I just recommend some pre-emergent for the weeds in the spring. Been trying to get a hold of my friend in Tucson to have her get a hold of you. I will let you know when I hear from her.